Diacritics, umlauts and friends

Written on August 20, 2016

As a German, living in New York, working for a Danish startup, I often find myself having to deal with diacritics, umlauts and friends on a keyboard with a US layout (particularly a US QWERTY Apple keyboard). Here’s my personal cheat sheet:

Character Digraph Key Combination (OS X)
ä ae option + u followed by a
Ä Ae option + u followed by shift + a
ö oe option + u followed by o
Ö Oe option + u followed by shift + o
ü ue option + u followed by u
Ü Ue option + u followed by shift + u
ß sz option + s
æ ae option + ' (apostrophe key)
Æ Ae option + shift + ' (apostrophe key)
ø oe option + o
Ø Oe option + shift + o
å aa option + a
Å Aa option + shift + a

Of course this isn’t supposed to be a complete list of all non-ASCII characters and their key combinations on all different OSs, but it certainly helps me to remember — maybe it’s usefull for you as well.

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