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Written on December 02, 2014

I’m typing this on a 13-inch Macbook Pro with Retina display - even though I’m a PC guy from way back. It’s a great machine and I usually carry it around with me wherever I go in a blue Herschel Columbia messenger bag together with a Moleskine.

These days I prefer mobility over a desktop with multiple screens and enjoy the freedom to work wherever I want. Tiny New Yorker apartments might have had something to do with that transition - but I actually do embrace it.

I run Bootcamp with both, OS X Yosemite and Windows 8.1 on it. In general, I prefer my environments to be as browser-centric and OS-agnostic as possible.

That said, almost all apps and services I use run in Chrome (to be exact Chrome Canary) - either as an extension or SaaS. Exceptions are Sublime Text and Visual Studio as well as a few other developer tools that need to be installed. Which OS I boot depends only on the stack of the software project I’m working on. Usually that means if a project requires Visual Studio, I boot Windows and for everything else I boot OS X.

For email, productivity and communication I use G Suite. Needless to say that all my files are stored in the cloud either on Google Drive or - if source code - on GitHub and sync seamlessly between all systems.

Another essential app for me is Skype, because that’s how I stay in touch with family and friends overseas.

You can find a complete list of tools and services I use over here. That page actually represents all of my bookmarks. The only bookmarks I keep in my browser are sites I use all the time as a “Favicon Only” bookmark bar.

Interesting sidenote: I don’t have a single game installed on any device and won’t do so in the future. Finding myself working often remotely, I’ve made a point of physically separating work and play using my PlayStation exclusively for video games. It works surprisingly well for me.

When I’m on the go I defer to my Nexus 5, which has been a great device. It syncs flawlessly with my Google account, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Whenever I’m working on a desktop and I can choose, I prefer to type on a mechanical keyboard while sitting on a Herman Miller Mirra chair. I’ve tried standing desks, but found myself not really using them.

I’m not too big on gadgets, but two are worth mentioning. I find Chromecast to be a fine extension to my overall setup and love to project and present wirelessly. Another gadget I use almost daily is my Boom Swimmer bluetooth speaker. In the backyard, kitchen or in the shower this waterproof speaker follows me wherever I hang at home and listen to Spotify or podcasts.

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